How to Make a Perfect Job of Mold Prevention


The founder of the Persian Empire, Cyrus (559–529 BC), had among his troops a few mule-drawn carts which transported silver water vessels. They contained boiled water and only the king was allowed to drink from them … The antiseptic effect of silver was well known even in those days. Towards the end of the nineteenth century, doctors used silver and silver compounds for the active treatment of burns and as a disinfectant. And even our great-grandmothers appreciated having the precious metal around the house: they would place a silver coin in the churn to extend the life of the milk.

A high degree of sterility is also important in other places: in public and private swimming pools and also in spas and wellness areas. To guarantee prolonged sterility when grouting tiles and natural stone, OTTO uses the active agent ionic silver as a fungicide in these places. The effectiveness of silver is based on silver ions working on three levels to combat microorganisms with simple cell structures, such as bacteria and fungi. They inhibit the cellular respiration of microorganisms, prevent cell production and destroy the cell walls.

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