Cookie Policy

This Cookie policy is addressed to the visitors, which browse this website and it is made available according to the laws relating to the cookies matter.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files, which the websites browsed by the visitors send to their devices (usually to the browser) where they are memorized in order to be retransmitted to those websites at the following access of the visitors.

While browsing a website, the visitor may also receive on its device cookies pertaining to other websites or webservers (so-called cookies of “third parties”). The reason is the presence on the visited website of contents (for instance, pictures, maps, sounds or specific links to pages of other domains), which have been uploaded on servers different from the server where the page requested is. In other words, these are cookies which have been set up from a website different from the one visited.

Cookies are utilized to execute authentication procedures, to monitor a browse session and to memorize specific information relating to the visitors, which access the websites and the operations of the websites.

Certain procedures may not be executed without the utilization of cookies, which in some cases are technically needed. Other procedures could be more complex to execute and less safe for the visitor without cookies, which allow to identify the visitor and to keep the visitor identified during a session.

Cookies may remain memorized in the devices for long and may contain a unique identification code. This allows tracking the browsing of the visitors inside a website for statistic or advertisement purposes (for instance, in order to create a personalized profile of the visitor starting from the pages visited and to display to such visitors targeted advertisement).

Which cookies are present on this website?

This website utilizes cookies marginally and only for the following technical purposes: identification of the language utilized in the page of origin and activation of the simplified notice to the visitor (if applicable), as per the following chart:

Type of cookie



1 month / 1 year





Type of cookie

All the site

How the website cookies can be managed?

It is possible to block or to eliminate cookies of this website by modifying the settings of your browser. The settings of the common browsers allow or not the memorization of the cookies in the devices utilized to browse the net. Therefore, it is possible to set or to modify the functions of the browser utilized to browse this website in order to accept or refuse cookies. It is possible to browse this website even if you refuse cookies, but the access to certain functionalities or areas could be limited or slowed down.

Since the means by which it is possible to refuse cookies through the functions of the browsers change from browser to browser, it is necessary to visit the browser’s help menu utilized to browse this website in order to access to further information.
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