Glass – Mirrors


Fields of application
Sealing glazing rebate on wooden windows
according to DIN 18545, resistance group E
Sealing and bonding aquariums
Fire protective glazing according to DIN 4102-B
Weather-resistant sealing on metal constructions, e.g. on angled glazing, roof glazing, conservatories and structural glazing elements
Bonding of glass bricks
Crystal clear (highly-transparent) silicone
Sealing figured glass
Sealing joints on and in acrylic glass (e. g. Plexiglas®) and polycarbonate (e. g. Makrolon®, Lexan®) for construction work with plastics, greenhouses, conservatories
Crystal clear bonding of glass display cabinets and shop windows
Bonding mirrors
Mirror edge sealing
Sealing laminated safety glass
Wood-glass-composite units