OTTOSEAL S 54 Silicone Sealant

The fire protection silicone B1

  • Flame retardant – building material class B1 according to DIN 4102 and DIN EN ISO 4589
  • Excellent weathering, ageing and UV-resistance
Fields of Application
  • Connection joints for mastic asphalt
  • Bonding of EPDM/rubber profiles
  • Sealing of fire protection elements
  • Sealing of joints on difficult adhesive substrates, e. g. asphalt, tar etc. Please contact our technical service department for details.
Standards and Tests
  • Tested according to EN 15651 – Part 1: F EXT-INT CC 25 LM
  • Tested according to EN 15651 – Part 4: PW EXT-INT CC 25 LM
  • Tested according to DIN 4102-B1 – hardly inflammable between solid mineral building materials (wood research at the Munich Technical University)
  • Tested according to DIN EN ISO 4589-2:1999 Plastics – Definition of the fire-behaviour due to the oxygen index (Bodycote Warringtonfire)
  • Classification according to building certification systems, see the sustainability data sheet
  • Suitable for applications according to IVD instruction sheet no. 1+11+31+35 (IVD = German industry association sealants)
  • French VOC-emission class A+
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