Laminating and Coating

Fields of application

Bonding of photo prints on acrylic glass / glass

  • Novasil S 147 Silicone Sealant

Coating of baking trays

  • Novasil S 142 Silicone Sealant

Coating of conveyor belts

  • Novasil S 30 Silicone Sealant
  • Novasil S 90 Silicone Adhesive
  • Novasil S 127 Silicone Adhesive/Sealant

Narrow tape coating

  • Novasil S 144 Silicone Sealant
  • Novasil S 148 Silicone Sealant

We’d be glad to develop custom adhesives and sealants for your applications.

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