OTTOCOLL® P 270 Polyurethane Adhesive

The dispersion-based solvent-free foil adhesive


  • 1-component plastic adhesive based on an aqueous dispersion
  • Solvent-free, strongly adhesive, stable, compensates surface irregularities
  • Durable adhesive properties
  • Aging resistant
  • Follows the movement of the building
  • Can also be used without a pressure plate
  • Low odor
  • Store and transport frost-free
Fields of application
  • For application in interior areas
  • Airtight connection of vapour-retarder and vapour seals in compliance with DIN 4108
  • Not suitable for sauna and swimming pools
Standards and tests
  • Suitable for applications according to IVD instruction sheet no. 12+19-2+31+35 (IVD = German industry association sealants)
  • French VOC-emission class A+
  • Certified according to GOS
Technical Documentation
Product Color Options

fair blue